what is technology?[latest and best of 2022]

what is technology?

what is technology? When we make some changes in our surroundings by using the knowledge of science.

what is technology?
 what is technology?


Technology has a deep history and it is not possible to cover our question(what is technology?) in a single article with a history. There are many fields where we use technology to change our surroundings For the production of energy, these are conversion energy, mining coal utilization,  production of petroleum; refinement of petroleum. Others are developed elastomersindustrial ceramics, the industry of glasses, deposits of minerals, processing, and mining of minerals, and plastic.

Technology in the field of life
 Technology in the field of life

Technology in the field of transportation we developed the aerospace, and automotive industry including ship construction. Getting practical food fields of technologies are the past of agriculture,  economics agriculture. We use it for the development of technology following these building constructions, canals, inland waterways,  dams with also sea works, underground constructions like tunnels, etc include also  environmental works.  

Humans developed technology in the field of communications names as CS(computer science)  broadcasting, printing with photography, and telecommunication. The chemical industry is developed for the production of products. Technology is not limited to the history of the pharmaceutical industry is the witness that in these fields it also plays a role in the drug and medicine. Revolutionary steps in military technology are taken by humans.

Technology in Gaming Industry:

The gaming industry was revolutionalized in the previous years by technology and the business was more than 125 billion dollars in 2018 in the current era the gaming industry is mostly dependent on technology.

Games play an important role in the show and development of skills. The first time the technology was used in the game was in old Egypt in 3100BC by using the board game. From time to time this became common now we are going into detail about our question (what is technology?)  and how improvement in the gaming industry was made.

Technology in the Gaming Industry evolves with time
Technology in the Gaming Industry evolves                         with time

The first time the board game was used was in the First Egyptian Dynasty burials and Predynastic in 3100BC and after it the Laying cards were played in the United Kingdom in the 17th century after this time came 1843 when board games became more popular when published in the US keeping in the view of the morality of ‘The Mansion of Happiness” vibrant cards with board games using images was explained.

Technology was at its peak with other industries gaming industry was also growing. In 1902 American Elizabeth Magie purposed a game named ‘The Landlord’s Game’. This was a revolutionary step and one of the first steps toward the gaming industry and technological improvement.

In 1937 first time machine was built to play virtual, games known as the electronic digital computer was built which was improved in 1950, and the designing of games started from this era.

First time in 1970 the video game named “computer space” was designed. The method of playing this game was interesting. To play this game at that time you have to put a coin after that you can. After five years of Computer space games in 1975 programmers designed “Dungeon to Avtar” which was a revolutionary step in the field of gaming technology in this game players in multiple forms could play to beat monsters in the battles.

In the decade 19’70s Gaming technology established itself in the primary form and at the start of the next decade one person was able to get gaming technology at home by using floppy disks which were portable and the business reached more than 2 Billion dollars which were booming in a short time from its start.

In the era of the ’90s  now competition in the gaming industry going to be commonly started to improve their graphics, sound cards with CD ROMs, and visual effects which till now continues. In this era, Cell phones introduced games that cause the fall of the old gaming technology and replaced it with gaming board technology.

At the start of the 21st century, the trading of the gaming industry was more than 5 Billion dollars applications were available on google and other platforms in the form of packages like android packages. After this, the era of the ’20s century to till now virtual reality is going. The sales of the gaming industry are 125 Billion dollars now which is an unbelievable growth in less time.


How Have Mobiles & Andriod Packages Changed Gaming Technology?

We know that it’s easy to keep games on mobiles when we get them in the form of a zip file means android packages majority of games users use android packages. You can imagine its trading strength which is 72 Billion dollars power year. The Mobiles keep these gaming files in their pockets. Mobiles provide a great and easy way to get entertainment in this era you can play games anywhere.

Which are the Five Biggest Gaming Technology Trends?

The five biggest gaming technology trends are

  • Virtual Reality
  • Cloud gaming
  • The Metaverse
  • Esports
  • NFTs and blockchain

What is the relationship between Gaming & Entertainment Business?

The entertainment of kiosks tablets is the safe way where gamers and gaming applications are the focus means the main target. McDonald’s this doing its best by creating restaurants for the future to make cooperation between the social platforms and the gaming industry like football etc to get and meet their goals.

It helps users of tablet kiosks to use restaurants for entertainment this is not for free means costs something but an effective way is so image holders can get more benefits to increase business Shell entertainment kiosk which was customer by image Holders reached to McDonald’s their target were modern restaurants interiors they customer the design. You can add image Holders with any type of device for playing and paying for games.


Technology is the way science by which we manipulate our environment and it plays important role in our daily life it evolved from time to time. Above we explained our question(what is technology) in detail if you have any issues with our question then ask us. You can read other articles related to our question.

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