what is android version?[latest and Best of 2022]

What is Android Version?

What is Android Version? Here we will introduce you to all versions of the Android Operating system which is common now in our devices. Android system was developed by Andriod company in 2003 and after two years Google owned it.

We are moving forward to our Question(what is Android version?). You can see the all Andriod versions from A to Z and the explanation of every version is given below

What is Android Version?
         What is Android Version?
Name with Coding Version API Released
            # 1.0 1    23 Sep 2008
            # 1.1 2    9 Feb  2009
     Android Cupcake 1.5 3   April 27, 2009
     Andriod(1.6) Donut 1.6 4   15 Sep, 2009
     Andriod(2.0)Eclair 2.0 5 – 7   26 Oct 2009
      Andriod(2.2)Froyo 2.2 8   20 May 2010
     Android(2.3)Gingerbread 2.3 9 – 10    6 Dec 2010
     Android(3.0)Honeycomb 3.0 11 – 13   22 Feb 2011
     Ice Cream Sandwich(Andriod4) 4.0 14 – 15   18 Oct 2011
       Jelly Bean(Android 4.1) 4.1 16 – 18   9 Jul 2012
         KitKat(4.4) 4.4 19 – 20   31Oct, 2013
       Lollipop(5) 5.0 21- 22   12Nov, 2014
      Marshmallow(6) 6.0 23   5Oct , 2015
       Nougat(7) 7.0 24   22Aug, 2016
      Nougat(7.1) 7.1.0 25    4Oct, 2016
      Oreo(8) 8.0 26   4Aug, 2017
      Oreo(8.1) 8.1 27   5Dec, 2017
      Pie(9) 9.0 28    6Aug, 2018
     Android 10 10.0 29    3Sep, 2019
      Andriod11 11 30    8Sep, 2020

Version 1.0 of Andriod:

After three years(2008) when android was owned by Goole. Google launched its first version of Andriod which is called Andriod 1 this was without a code name. This version consists of Google Apps like Map, YouTube, etc, and is run on T-Mobile ( this mobile was Developed by a German company in 1996) with an HTML and XHTML coding support system.

Version 1.0 of Andriod
             Version 1.0 of Andriod

Cup Cake(version 1.5):

After the year of version 1 of Andriod Google started the series of Versions Coding name with a new version named Cup Cake with new features and improvements with the support of a virtual keyboard on the screen. In this version, you can record and play videos.

Cup Cake(version 1.5)
              Cup Cake(version 1.5)


Google thought that they need more improvements and in late 2009 mid of September, they updated the version from Cupcake to Donut, and here in this version, an important feature was introduced with other features. This important feature was the universal search box other features were more than one selection of photos screen regulations and included the features of the last version.



Google is famous for itself that they do new experiments from time to time so it did here same after one and half months of introducing a new name Euclair on 26Oct 2009 with an additional Microsoft Exchange Email supporting platform account sync to share files Bluetooth was introduced by them, a function speech to text with navigation and live wallpaper system and also including previous version features.



Google knows that is important for its users and Google cares about it, therefore, it launched Froyo(2.2) on 20 May 2010. Because the Apple company was from of them, therefore, to overcome Google improved more it introduced the first time Engine supporting the Java language with speed optimization security updates and with Adobe Flash support.



At that time competition was high and Google decided for more to improve after eight months of the previous mean 6 Dec 2010 they released Gingerbreadon the base of Linux with improvements to past features special speed resolution with Unique design (UI system) they fixed the previous Bugs and introduced the Gmail application for their Users.



The one thing that made google different from others is its experiments 22 Feb Google launched another version of android Honeycomb with Linux.  This Update was especially for tablet users. It opens the doors for Tablet users under the command of Matias Duarte the chief of that time.

Feature was

  • First-time Holographic UI based system introduced
  • Menu permanent flow
  •  Wifi lock function to secure network
  • user can connect their USB to this version
  • Joysticks support makes it easy usage for users
  • Processor speed improvements

Ice Cream Sandwich(Andriod 4):

Ice cream Sandwich or in other words Andriod 4.0 revolutionized the android system on 19 Oct 2011. It keeps the Sing User interface system for both cell phone and Tablet users before its UI system was different and last time the Adobe flash system was supported by the latest android version. Features are added given below.

  • Google Improved the performance of the camera in this version
  • Users can open widgets with  new Tabs
  • Bugs are fixed with the advancement of graphics
  • The photo editor was introduced for the first time.
  • Keyboard functions improved
Ice Cream Sandwich(Andriod 4)
             Ice Cream Sandwich(Andriod 4)

Jelly Bean(Android 4.1):

In the mid of  2012 Google released its new Andriod system with version 4.1 during the conference of I/O this system was based on the Linux system. More advancement with the new features was done.

Following Feature is

  • They fixed more Bugs
  • They create more short ways for the users to reach their intent
  • Multiple user account facility with the improvement of Moinle security
  • More improvements 8in graphics
Jelly Bean(Android 4.1)
                  Jelly Bean(Android 4.1)

KitKat( Version 4.4):

At the end of 2013 31 Oct, Google released its full panel version under the codename of KitKat9Version 4.4) on Google Nexus 5. This was in the form of a stand-alone launcher. Features you can see

  • Through signals, you can print anything else
  • Sensors Based system
  • You can record your video
  • Fast speed


  • The minimum RAM should be 340 MB of Android
  • Other devices should Min RAM 512
KitKat( Version 4.4)
                   KitKat( Version 4.4)

 Lollipop( Version 5):

Google redesigns its platform every year same as in late 2014 it did with the Andriod version by launching Lollipop version 5.0. To use it user needs 64-bit CPUs.


  • more than one SIm cards
  • design of UI is improved
  • previous functions like wifi USB improved
Lollipop( Version 5)
                   Lollipop( Version 5)

Marshmallow(Version 6):

In the mid of 2015(5 Oct)  google was ready to release its new version code name was the Marshmallow version6.0 for all Andriod devices Google introduced new features here


  • USB-Support for the first time
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Battery saver
  • Permission feature for applications
Marshmallow(Version 6)
            Marshmallow(Version 6)


Nougat(Version 7):

Another version of android was released on 9 March 2016 under the Code name Nougat( version 7.0)

Feature new included:

  • For the user’s File encryption was added
  • From the perspective of users’ demand multiwindow system was introduced
  • System speeds increased here
Nougat(Version 7)
                     Nougat(Version 7)

 Oreo(Version 8):

At the end of July 2017, Google made a great announcement. They released the 8th version of their android series updates.


  • The first feature introduced was the support picture in picture
  • For users, Notification channels introduced
  • UI system improvement
  • protection of Google Play and shared memory API introduced
Oreo(Version 8)
                    Oreo(Version 8)

Pie(Version 9):

Another experiment by Google on 7 March 2018 under the code name Pie( version 9) you can see here. In this version, Google added Buttons for screenshots, and for the user’s facility, they introduced the function of battery percentage and improvements in the security of users.

Pie(Version 9)
                          Pie(Version 9)

 Android 10:

One of the latest versions of Google is Andriod 10 releasing date was 3 April 2019. In this version, improved the user interface with a wide dark theme and added Biometric fingerprint authentication for more strong security, and More permissions are added to make the system more secure.

 Android 10
                       Android 10

The last version of our series(what is Android version?) is given below.

Android 11:

The Advance and fully featured version was released by Google on September 8, 2020, for the android operating system named Andriod 11

Features :

  • It’s difficult for Applications that are run on your android device to locate your location
  • By using your own voice you can control your cell phone system
  •  you can connect your Andriod device to other many devices
  •  screen recording feature available
  •  More secure than the previous versions
Android 11
                         Android 11



what is Android version? is an operating system owned by google and developed by Andriod in 2003. Above we explained our Question(what is Android version?) briefly we hope you got it. if you have any questions About our article(what is Android version?) you can ask them in the comment section. You can read our other Articles.

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